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1860 Schuyler Co Mortality Census

NAME Ag= e se= x Ma= rried or Widowed Pl= ace of Birth Mo= nth Oc= cupation = Disease/Cause of Death Nu= mber of Days
M.J. Bass 1 female   Missouri= Aug   Disease = of Brain 3 months=
M. M. Brass [?] 17 male   Ohio Sept   Chronic = Diareah 6 months=
V.C. Foster 20 female married<= /td> Missouri= July   Consumpt= ion 4 months=
Milton Stewart 2 male   Missouri= May   Drowning= suden
Sarah Bradley 18 female married<= /td> Missouri= June [?]=   Fever 4 months=
M.C. Rogers 1 mo male   Missouri= Oct   Unknown<= /td> 8 days
Sarah M. Vaughn 1 mo female   Missouri= Sept   Unknown<= /td> suden
Margart E Vaughn 1 mo female   Missouri= Sept   Unknown<= /td> 3 days
Alexander French 2 male   Missouri= Feb   Convulsi= ons 1 day
Rossuth Simmons 7 male   Missouri= Sept   Putrid s= oar throat 14 days<= /td>
William Simmons 5 male   Missouri= Sept   Putrid s= oar throat 7 days
Oran G Simmons 3 male   Missouri= Sept   Putrid s= oar throat 7 days
Isaac Burgin 67 male   Kentucky= March Farmer Palsey 1 day
Mary Gregory 20 female   Missouri= Aug   Typhoid = Fever 28 days<= /td>
Edmond Elliot 23 male   Missouri= Aug Farmer Suicide = by shooting suden
Nancy E Lockett 4 female   Missouri= Oct   Putrid s= oar throat 9 days
Charlie Larrell [?] 6 male   Missouri= Oct   Disease = of Brain 4 days
Harvey Bunch 9 mo male   Missouri= Oct   Typhoid = Fever 28 days<= /td>
Louisa Bunch 1 mo female   Missouri= Feb   Unknown<= /td> 10 days<= /td>
Harison W. Mullion 17 male   Ohio April   Consumpt= ion 17 un
D. J. Greer 2 male   Missouri= Sept   Disease = of Brain 21 days<= /td>
Maccey Hocker 4 female   Kentucky= Sept   Fever 8 days
Joseph B. Elder 1 mo male   Missouri= Sept   Croup 7 days
Sarah Parvis 45 female married<= /td> N.C. Sept   Typhoid = Fever 7 days
Jane Conklin 65 female married<= /td> Ohio April   Lung Fev= er 6 weeks<= /td>
Sarah Passmore 38 female married<= /td> Tenn May   Fever 14 days<= /td>
Samuel Webster 5 mo male   Missouri= April   Croup 3 days
Thomas Clark 2 male   Missouri= Sept   Croup 4 days
Davies Clark 2 mo male   Ohio January<= /td>   Unknown<= /td> 17 days<= /td>
Lewis A Davis 3 male   Ohio May   Croup 1 day
Josephine Pape 20 female married<= /td> Tenn April   Fever 15 days<= /td>
Manda Butt 2 female   Missouri= April   Croup 7 days
Henery Hewett 9 male   Iowa Feb   Drowning= suden
Sarah E. Green 23 female   Iowa Feb   Unknown<= /td> 14 days<= /td>
John Green 65 male married<= /td> Delaware= Decr Farmer Lung Dis= ease 4 months=
Mary Miles 2 female   Missouri= Sept   Diareah<= /td> 3 days
John R. Clifford 1 mo male   Missouri= Sept   Croup 3 days
Albert N. Moor 1 male   Missouri= Oct   Ague 3 months=
Francis Miller 2 male   Missouri= Feb   Croup 5 days
Albert Gatlin 2 male   Missouri= Sept   Croup 30 days<= /td>
Madison Kelly 11 male   Missouri= Sept   Unknown<= /td> 21 days<= /td>
Jesse J. Perry [?] 6 mo male   Missouri= Sept   Chills 2 months=
Marion Brown 7 male   Iowa Aug   Disease = of Brain 3 days
Emly Barrett 6 mo female   Missouri= May   Unknown<= /td> [?] mont= hs
Sarah E. Watkins 4 female   Missouri= Nov   Croup 1 day